Beware of Lawyers Who Solicit You After an Auto Collision

By: Matthew Tievsky

District of Columbia law -- specifically, D.C. Code Section 22-3225.14 -- says that if you have been in an automobile collision within the past three weeks, a lawyer who is a stranger to you cannot solicit you to ask to be your lawyer in a personal injury case. The lawyer cannot do this personally, nor can the lawyer hire someone else to solicit you (we call such persons "runners"). (This law does not prohibit lawyers from engaging in general advertising, or reaching out to injured persons with whom they already have a relationship.) The purpose of the law is to ensure that people in tragic situations are not harassed, or taken advantage of when they are at their most emotionally vulnerable.

Northern Virginia Injury AttorneyWe feel it's important to get the word out about this law, because we have run into clients who were in auto collisions, and who tell us that they were solicited by other lawyers, in violation of D.C. law. If you yourself have been in an auto collision and, shortly thereafter, you are contacted by a lawyer or a runner seeking your business, think twice before signing on. If you do, that means that you may be working with a lawyer who doesn't mind violating the law in pursuit of business -- which may not bode well for how you will be treated.

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