DC Police are Investigating whether Patrol Officers Hit an 11 Year-Old Boy and then Left him on the Street

By: Allan M. Siegel

As the Washington Post recently reported, police are investigating reports that a DC police cruiser hit an 11 year-old boy and then left him on the street. The alleged incident took place in the District’s Park View neighborhood, NW on June 29, 2017. At least one witness saw the police officers standing over the boy on the ground before they got into their vehicle and drove off. The boy’s mother said that her son told her that the police officers saw him riding with fireworks in his back pocket, and followed him into the alleyway wherein the cruiser struck him. The boy told his mom that one of the officers got out of the car, checked his fireworks, gave them back to him, then got back into the cruiser and drove off. His Mom told reporters: “They shouldn’t have just left him there,” also noting that the police said the investigation may take about two weeks.

If the boy’s account is true, the officers who hit him should be held responsible just like any other citizen. It would be reckless for police to pursue in a large police cruiser a young boy on a bicycle, and highly irresponsible to leave him on the street after hitting him. Young and old cyclists alike in the United States are hit by cars every day. About one-third of bicycle accidents involve a collision with a car, and 92% of bicyclist deaths on US roads in 2005 were caused by collisions with motor vehicles.

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