Defamation Suit Against Trump for Calling Accuser a Liar May Move Forward


Summer Zervos is one of many women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault. She was a contestant on his reality television show, and has alleged that Trump kissed and groped her. While he was on the campaign trail, he declared that all of the allegations against him of sexual misconduct were “[f]alse stories. All made up. Lies. Lies. No witnesses. No nothing. All big lies[.]” He stated in Pennsylvania to a crowed that “[t]he events never happened. Never. All of these liars will be sued after the election is over.” Ms. Zervos subsequently filed a defamation suit against Trump. Trump has since filed a Motion to Dimiss.

Oral arguments for Trump’s Motion to Dismiss the action were recently heard. If the Judge denies the Motion to Dismiss, and the case moves forward, as the Washington Post noted: “Zervos’s attorneys could gather and make public incidents from Trump’s past and Trump could be called to testify, with the unwelcome specter of a former president looming over him: It was Bill Clinton’s misleading sworn testimony — not the repeated allegations of sexual harassment against him — that eventually led to his impeachment.”

Joe Cammarata, one of CSCS' senior partners who represented Paula Jones against Clinton and, more recently, represents seven Cosby accusers in a defamation suit, noted that such a suit would open Trump up “to have to answer questions about sexual relations, other relationships, what might have been said, to open up your whole life.”

Ms. Zervos released a statement in November of 2016 on the negative repercussions she suffered from as a result of Trump attacking her truthfulness, stating “After he called me a liar I was threatened, bullied and saw my business targeted […], I also suffered other repercussions all because I chose to speak out and tell the truth.” The official position of the White House is and remains that all of the women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment are lying.