Partner Joseph Cammarata Appointed to Commission to Study Police Practices

CSCS is pleased to announce that Partner Joseph Cammarata has been appointed to serve on the Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission by Sharon Bulova, the Chairman of the County of Fairfax Board of Supervisors. Partner Cammarata was appointed to the commission because of his invaluable legal expertise and experience, and his community-oriented leadership. Mr. Cammarata also serves on the Board of Directors of Fairfax Water.

The ad hoc commission was created in February to recommend changes to Fairfax County policies concerning community safety and public trust, and specifically to ensure current policies provide for fair and timely resolution of critical police-involved incidents.

Police-involved matters to be reviewed by the commission include:

  • Police policies for use-of-force
  • Police training
  • Internal affairs investigations
  • Policies and procedures regarding public release of information

Partner Cammarata and other members will provide their insight to promote community engagement and maximum transparency. The commission is scheduled to meet regularly and will deliver recommendations to the Board of Supervisors by October 1, 2015.

Partner Cammarata's appointment speaks volumes about his respected role in the local community, as well as his experience with controversial matters involving law enforcement and local citizens. Partner Cammarata and Partner Allan M. Siegel have been instrumental in resolving cases involving police misconduct and excessive force.