What Safety Equipment Does Every Motorcyle Rider Need?


Safety gear is critical for every motorcycle rider on the road. Recently, helmets have become standard equipment for most riders, though some still protest by wearing small cap-style helmets that provide little protection. The protection offered by safety gear is far more important for a motorcycle rider than the average motorist. In 2006, data collected by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that 13.10 out of every 100,000 cars were involved in a fatal collision. That number is dramatically higher for motorcycles as 72.34 out of every 100,000 motorcycles were involved in fatal collisions.

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In order to fully protect themselves, every motorcycle rider should participate in advance safety courses, only ride when the weather conditions are safe, and also wear full safety gear at all times. This safety gear should include a full-face style helmet. NHTSA studies have shown that wearing a proper helmet reduces the risk of fatality by as much as 37%. It also lowers the risk of a traumatic brain injury and lowers the cost of medical bills compared to non-helmet wearers.

Motorcycles riders should also always wear neck braces. Many injuries sustained in a motorcycle collision are to the neck and collarbone area. These braces also help stabilize the head during a collision or fall. A motorcycle rider should also always wear a heavy long-sleeved jacket, heavy long pants, and full finger gloves. These items help protect against road rash and striking debris during a collision. This clothing should not be cumbersome or restrict your movement. Many safety experts recommend leather, Kevlar, or carbon-fiber reinforcement garments to achieve maximum protection. An additional protective option is a garment that includes safety plates or padding. The last piece of critical equipment are the right boots. These boots should not only protect you from the heating radiating from the engine and pipes, but they should also stabilize and protect the feet in case of a collision. Crush injuries to the feet may require months to heal, and the proper boots can help lessen the severity of such injuries. Again, safety experts recommend leather or carbon reinforced boots for the top of the line protection.

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