Ohio Teen Dies From Caffeine Overdose

By: Joseph Cammarata

MSN News recently reported on a tragic story involving an Ohio teen who died as a result of caffeine overdose. The 18-year-old high school senior, Logan Stiner, was just shy of graduation. He had also recently been elected prom king by his senior class. According to officials, Stiner came home for lunch on May 27 and ingested caffeine powder, a product which is readily available over-the-counter at sports nutrition stores or online. The caffeine powder caused Stiner to experience an irregular heartbeat and seizures. His brother found him dead shortly after.Energy Drink Injuries

The County coroner confirmed that Stiner's death was caused by caffeine overdose, which is a problem experienced by numerous Americans, especially among teens and young adults who drink high-caffeine energy drinks. The coroner also stated that a 1/16 teaspoon of caffeine powder is equivalent to one can of Mountain Dew or a high-power energy drink. They did not confirm how much powder Stiner took.

The Dangers of Caffeine & Energy Drinks

Energy drinks and other caffeine products – including caffeine pills and powders, chewing gum, and mints – have become incredibly popular. Today, these products are available nearly everywhere and are marketed heavily, especially toward youth. Although they are widely used, they present a number of dangers and have been associated with adverse health effects, including several deaths.

Energy drinks, which have received the most attention, contain large doses of caffeine and other legal stimulants such and ginseng and guarana. The dangers high-caffeine drinks and products pose are very real, especially to younger people and to people with existing heart conditions. Since the FDA minimally regulates these products, they do not disclose risks and potential side effects to consumers, the most serious of which include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attacks
  • Death

In response to many reports of injuries and deaths linked to energy drinks and caffeine products, advocates are pushing for tighter regulations and are addressing problems with marketing toward minors. Lawmakers have already been successful in removing caffeine from pre-mixed alcoholic beverages like Four Loko and Joose.

Victims Harmed by Energy Drinks

I am the co-chair of the Energy Drinks Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice (AAJ), which is devoted to working and coordinating with lawyers involved in cases relating to injuries and death caused by energy drink consumption. Because energy drinks are minimally regulated and so heavily marketed, consumers are often unaware about the serious risks they pose. If you or a loved one suffer preventable harm, please call the personal injury lawyers at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C.