What Do I Tell My Doctor?

By: Allan M. Siegel

When you are injured, whether it is a result of a motor vehicle collision, slipping and falling or similar type of incident, it is important to talk with the doctors who treat you. Here are four important things you should tell your doctor the very first time you see him/her:

Personal Injury Medical Care

  1. Tell the doctor the events causing your injuries. Tell the doctor you were in a motor vehicle collision or you slipped and fell. Describe the events to the doctor. This will help ensure the fact of the accident makes its way into the medical records.
  2. Tell the doctor every body part that hurts. Don't leave things out because you think one area of pain is worse than another.
  3. Tell the doctor how each body part hurts. Describe your pain. Is it dull? Achy? Burning? Sharp?
  4. Tell the doctor how you felt immediately before you were injured. If you were pain free prior to the injuries, tell the doctor

Communicating with your doctor is important, because it helps ensure the facts of the accident and your injuries are ultimately documented in the medical records. At Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, our Northern Virginia personal injury attorneys provide assistance during each phase of the claim process, including assistance with helping clients obtain the medical treatment they require. Contact our firm for more information about your case and how we can help.