Attorney Joseph A. Smith Secures Successful Car Accident Verdict

Virginia is not known as an overly friendly jurisdiction for Plaintiffs, particularly when dealing with soft-tissue injuries. However, one positive for Virginia plaintiffs is access to the General District Court for claims under $25,000, which allows cases to be resolved much quicker than in Circuit Court and without unnecessary delays and expenses.

Our firm is proud to announce that Attorney Joseph A. Smith recently represented a man who was injured in a rear-end collision in Arlington County. Our client suffered injuries to his neck, back, and shoulder. The client's medical bills were less than $4,000. The defendant alleged that our client made an improper stop.

The suit was brought against the defendant driver in Arlington General District Court. The driver's insurance company denied liability all the way to trial and had made no offer to settle the case. At trial the defense attempted to show that our client had contributed to the collision and should recover nothing. Fortunately, Mr. Smith was able to prove that our client was not at fault and that the defendant was entirely responsible for the collision as he admitted he was not looking in front of him when he started to accelerate forward. Based on the client's testimony and the medical records, the court awarded our client $8,770. More than double the client's medical bills.

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