NCAA Faces Concussion Lawsuit from Former Student-Athletes

Authored by Allan Siegel

Just a week after the NFL settled a massive concussion injury lawsuit involving more than 4,500 ex-players, new reports have surfaced that three former student-athletes are now suing the NCAA in a similar claim.

The class-action lawsuit brought by the three players on Wednesday alleges that the NCAA failed to inform student-athletes about the risks of concussions. Concussion injuries have been found to cause profound, life-altering neurological conditions in many former football players. The claim also states that the NCAA failed to take reasonable measures to prevent, diagnose, and treat traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The NCAA faced a similar brain injury lawsuit in 2011.

The lead attorney for the former players has stated that – similar to the NFL – the NCAA did not take the necessary steps to protect players, despite having the available resources, time, and medical tools to do so. Personal injury claims that assert that another can be held liable for a victim's damages must be supported by evidence. If it can be shown that the NCAA had the ability to protect players using whatever means they had available, but failed to do so, they can potentially be held accountable for victims' damages. The plaintiffs in this case are also seeking NCAA-funded medical monitoring for conditions and long-term risks associated with brain injury.

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