Uninsured Driver Statistics Prove Importance of Uninsured Motorist Policies

auto insuranceUninsured motorists are a serious concern on public roadways. When uninsured drivers are involved in traffic accidents that cause property damage or personal injury, victims are often forced to bear the financial burdens of repairs and medical bills, as well as the emotional turbulence that can accompany physical and financial setbacks. However, when victims have uninsured motorist coverage, they can file claims against their own insurance provider in order to recover compensation.

14% of U.S. Drivers Have No Insurance

According to a recent article published in the Wall Street Journal, uninsured drivers still remain a nationwide problem, despite a decrease in the rate of uninsured motorists over the years. Data released by the Insurance Research Council reveal that nearly 14% of U.S. drivers have no auto insurance. Uninsured driver rates in Virginia and the DC metro area are as follows:

  • Virginia: 10 – 11.9%
  • Washington, D.C.: 14 – 15.9%
  • Maryland: 14 – 15.9%

Auto insurance has been mandated in most states for decades and many states impose fines against uninsured motorists. Lawmakers and regulators in the insurance industry are also exploring new ways to battle the problem, including the removal of license plates from uninsured drivers' vehicles and programs that make insurance coverage more affordable for low-income drivers. Still, tough economic times often result in drivers weighing their financial options, and forgoing insurance coverage altogether.

The Importance of Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Tough times also lead to many drivers opting only for minimum liability coverage, which averages roughly $500 a year. Liability coverage does not cover expenses of injury or property damage caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers. In order for drivers to pursue claims against their insurance providers after accidents caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers, they must have uninsured motorist coverage. In the event that they do not have uninsured motorist coverage, victims can file claims directly against the at-fault driver. Depending on the at-fault driver's financial situation and assets, however, these claims may provide little compensation – a significant reason why all drivers should carefully consider uninsured motorist coverage.

Although our firm knows that many must weigh their financial options and cut out unnecessary expenses, we urge our client to purchase this kind of coverage because it can save victims and families considerable costs and burdens and protect their physical well-beings.

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