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Examples of Our Case Victories

When you are looking for a Northern Virginia personal injury attorney to represent you in legal action after you have been injured or lost a loved one in a serious accident, you owe it to yourself to find a lawyer who has a proven track record of success. You need an attorney who has proven his or her ability to take on cases similar to your own and to get the results that you are looking for. Come to Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C., where we have demonstrated time and again that we are capable of handling even the most challenging personal injury and wrongful death cases. In fact, our personal injury attorneys have a background that includes a long list of case victories that provided our clients with thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of dollars in compensation. Read through these examples of some of our case results, and then contact us for a free consultation and to get the legal process started.



Law firm obtained $15 million award for a woman who was permanently paralyzed from the neck down, as a result of being struck by a stray bullet. Michelle Williams retained trial lawyer Ira Sherman after having been permanently paralyzed from the neck down when one of the bullets intended for the driver of her vehicle hit her instead. The driver's disgruntled ex-boyfriend chased down the car in which Michelle was a passenger, ran it off the road, and then shot and killed the driver.

$6 million settlement on behalf of a man who suffered a brain injury as a result of a rear-end collision.

Law firm obtained in excess of $5 million on behalf of a 14 year old client whose doctor used the chemical equivalent of super-glue in her brain, causing severe brain injury and damage.

This case involved a 14 year old girl who suffered a stroke when a physician at a local hospital injected a compound containing the chemical equivalent to superglue into vessels near her brain. Histoacryl, the chemical equivalent of Superglue®, was injected into our client's brain even though the Directions for Use in the package specifically warned:

Histoacryl must not be used for closing wounds to internal organs or on the surface of the brain and to the peripheral nervous system, since tissue damage with scar formation and subsequent disturbance of function can result.

As a result of the doctors inappropriate use of this product our client suffered severe brain injury and damage.

After the case settled, brain injury lawyer, Ira Sherman was named Co-chair with his co-counsel Anthony Newman, Esquire, of Counsel to the law firm of Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C., of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America's Litigation Committee entitled "Embolization Devices (Cyanoacrylate).

$3 million obtained by a woman who lost her leg from the knee down as a result of a collision with a utility truck that struck her vehicle head on after the truck was rear-ended.
$2.4 million obtained on behalf of a woman who suffered a brain injury after being struck in a crosswalk.
$2 million obtained on behalf of an United States Government worker who was struck in crosswalk by a van, causing a brain injury.
In excess of $1.9 million awarded by a D.C. jury to a 28 year old woman for a permanent back injury she sustained in a Washington D.C. car collision. The woman who caused the collision was insured by State Farm. The car crash also negatively affected our client’s ability to work in her chosen profession as a veterinarian. Our client wanted to work with large animals and endangered species and because of her injuries her ability to do so is in doubt. State Farm only offered $20,500 to settle the case before trial.

Law firm obtained in excess of $2 million on behalf of 9 claimants against the District of Columbia and its contractors resulting from the negligent care of developmentally disabled wards of the District of Columbia.

Beginning in 1999, a series of articles published in The Washington Post brought the public's attention to abuse, neglect, and untimely deaths of developmentally disabled persons residing in group homes run by private corporations or persons, and managed by the District of Columbia government.

Following this shocking report, Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. was retained to represent eleven families whose loved ones suffered and died in the group home system as a result of improper care and treatment. In each case, the law firm filed lawsuits against the District of Columbia and the group home operators, seeking damages for the pain and suffering endured by these developmentally disabled individuals.

Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. has successfully resolved 9 of these 11 cases, obtaining compensation in excess of $2 million. Two of the cases are still pending.

Law firm obtained $1.8 million on behalf of an already paralyzed stroke victim, against a wheelchair transport company which dropped him when transporting him to the hospital for physical therapy.

This case involved a brain injury which occurred in an already brain injured client. Our client had been rendered a quadriplegic prior to the incident as a result of a massive stroke which also caused profound brain injury. The client, as a result of the stroke, was verbally non-communicative. Although living at home after a lengthy rehabilitation post stroke process he received outpatient physical therapy at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, DC

The wheelchair mobile van which transported him to and from physical therapy allowed our client to fall out of the wheelchair while he was still on the van lift resulting in his head striking roadway approximately four feet below. This resulted in a brain injury superimposed on the brain injury caused by the stroke. Although the client was unable to work as a result of the stroke the law firm was successfully able to argue that the negligence resulted in the additional loss of brain function, and significantly altered the quality of the client's post-stroke life. Our brain injury client received $ 1.8 million in compensation.

$1.8 million obtained on behalf of an 80 year pastor of a community church who was in a car that was struck head-on by a truck that crossed the center line.
In excess of $1.6 million awarded to a man who had his jaw broken as a result of being punched in the face by a professional boxer.
$1.4 million settlement on behalf of a family that was run off the road by a tractor-trailer in North Carolina while returning home from Disney World. This exceeded the maximum amount of insurance available.
$1 million settlement on behalf of client suffered a brain injury when the driver of the car in which he was a passenger lost control of his vehicle.
$1 million obtained on behalf of our 19 year old client who was a passenger in a car in which the driver lost control causing a collision. As a result, our client suffered extensive brain damage with cognitive impairment. He was in a coma for an extended period of time. Although he has regained consciousness, he is unable to care for himself. The law firm asked the Court to appoint him a guardian to care for him. The law firm is helping to establish a special needs trust so that the proceeds from the settlement will be protected against any medical liens.
$1 million - which was all of the available insurance - obtained for a bicyclist who was run over by a dump truck driver who turned right on a red light.
$950,000 obtained on behalf of a man who was struck on the head by a hotel security guard causing permanent brain damage. (other cases arising out of brutality by police officers include recovery for a handcuffed individual who was subdued and suffocated as a result of police action; recovery on behalf of a man struck in the head by a Prince George's County police officer; and recovery for a man who obtained a spiral fracture as a result of unnecessary force used in a handcuff procedure).
$850,000 settlement for a driver and two passengers who were injured when a man negligently caused his car to cross over the double yellow line and crash into our client's car. One of the passengers suffered a neck injury requiring two surgeries to repair. Partner Joseph Cammarata represented our clients.
$835,000 obtained for a man who was driving in the District when our client's vehicle was struck by another vehicle which ran a red light.
$800,000 secured on behalf of a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury causing permanent cognitive impairments and other serious injuries after being struck in a crosswalk by a delivery driver.
$750,000 on behalf of an endodontist who was operating a motor vehicle that was broadsided by a van that went through a red light, resulting in injury to the car accident client's cervical spine with residual weakness of her dominant hand resulting in the loss of earning capacity.
$750,000 on behalf of a 54 year old woman who lost a portion of her arm when a tractor-trailer sideswiped her car, as she was returning from Ocean City, Maryland. She received the maximum compensation allowed, at that time, for pain and suffering in the State of Maryland.
Almost $700,000 settlement on behalf of a man who was run over by the tractor portion of a tractor-trailer. The man died of his injuries. The driver of the truck and our client had gotten into an altercation, and our client had stepped up on to the step of the truck when the driver of the truck attempted to drive away, causing our client to fall. The driver of the truck claimed that under Virginia law, our client was responsible for his own injuries because he climbed up on the truck.
In excess of $675,000 obtained for a woman who was a passenger in car whose driver lost control of the car and crashed into a tree. The woman fractured her pelvis and arm.
$625,000 verdict for a woman who suffered a herniated disc in a car crash and underwent surgery. The wrongdoer paid her policy limits of $25,000 and the case proceeded against Allstate Insurance Company, the underinsured motorist carrier. Allstate made no offer to settle the case.
$600,000 on behalf of a woman whose vehicle was struck in the rear by a beverage truck. The car accident client suffered a herniated disk in her neck for which surgery was recommended. However, the client elected not to have surgery.
$600,000 settlement for a federal employee who broke his foot when a 2,000 pound industrial air conditioner cover fell and struck the man's foot. He suffered multiple fractures to his foot, and died two months later of a pulmonary embolism, that sometimes occurs as a result of severe injuries to the legs and feet.
$600,000 obtained against the United States Postal Service as a result of the negligence of one of its drivers, who pulled out from a stop side in front of our client's motorcycle. Our client suffered multiple fractures and third degree burns to his left lower extremity.
$600,000 obtained as a result of a doctor's failure to diagnose prostate cancer. As a result of the delayed diagnosis, the cancer spread outside the prostate, eliminating our client's ability to have surgery to remove the cancer. Instead, our client had to undergo hormone therapy followed by radiation therapy, causing many unnecessary side effects such as sexual dysfunction, loss of bone structure, fatigue and memory loss.
$570,000 settlement at mediation for a tractor-trailer driver who was injured when his tractor-trailer was struck by another commercial vehicle. Our client's tractor-trailer was having mechanical problems, which prompted him to stop on the highway shoulder. He put on emergency lights and placed hazard triangles on the roadway. Despite the warning, the at-fault driver negligently caused his vehicle to strike the tractor-trailer. Our client suffered a concussion and a knee injury, requiring two surgeries.
In excess of $500,000 for a customer in a hardware store, who was struck by a negligently displayed lumber which fell off the rack and struck her in the foot resulting in the development of a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).
$500,000 on behalf of a man who suffered a brain injury after being knocked down on a sidewalk while jogging, by a 16 year old bicyclist. The man later died from complications of this brain injury. The mother of the 16 year old had a homeowner's insurance policy which covered the loss and paid its full insurance policy limits.
$500,000 obtained on behalf of a passenger in a bus accident who suffered a herniated disk when the bus driver fell asleep at the wheel, crossed the center line and struck another car. The car accident client required cervical laminectomy and fusion surgery.
$500,000 obtained on behalf of a man involved in a tractor-trailer underride case. The tractor-trailer was blocking the travel portion of the roadway when the client's car went underneath it, removing the entire roof of the car and causing the car accident client to suffer head injuries.
$500,000 obtained for a woman who fractured her leg after being hit head-on by a negligent driver. This was the maximum insurance coverage available.
Almost $500,000 medical malpractice settlement on behalf of a woman who had a tip of latex glove left in her body after having surgery.
$450,000 obtained as a result of the rape of a minor by the boyfriend of a foster parent (other successful litigation relating to sexual assaults include recovery on behalf of a retarded teenager who was raped at a Special Olympics event, a high school student raped by other students while on a field trip, and the sexual assaults of woman resulting form negligent residential security.
$450,000 awarded by United States District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson to a man who suffered back and knee injuries after his van was struck in the rear by a United States Postal Service truck.
$320,000 settlement on behalf of a woman who broke her leg when she slipped and fell on ice outside of a 7-11.
$250,000 on behalf of a woman who suffered a brain injury, when was struck by a car when crossing the street.
$175,000 medical malpractice settlement against a dentist for his failure to diagnose periodontal disease.
$500,000 obtained on behalf of the parents of an infant who suffered a brachial plexus injury at birth. This injury occurs when delivery is complicated because, for example, the fetus is too large to be delivered safely through the vaginal birth canal. In this case the physician used a vacuum device, to suction or "vacuum," the fetus from the birth canal. Efforts to pull the baby out and turn him through the canal took place. Unfortunately, the alternative, a delivery by cesarean section, which would have avoided the risk of injury to baby and mother, was not selected. The infant was born with its shoulder damaged by the stress of delivery. The infant died of causes unrelated to the shoulder injury at 9 months of age.
$100,000 obtained from a local grocery store as a result of the store's employee's failure to clean up spilled mouthwash. Our client fell slipped and fell and suffering a broken wrist and a head injury.
$135,000 verdict in Prince George's County Circuit Court as a result of injuries suffered by a woman when she slipped and fell on ice in a METRO parking lot.
$200,000 obtained on behalf of a young woman whose child was placed in foster care and then killed by a child of the foster parents. The firm filed suit against the foster parents and after pre-trial discovery, settled the case for all of the available insurance. Client's share of the settlement was $200,000.
$220,000 on behalf of a woman who suffered a knee injury in an automobile collision. The car accident client required arthroscopic surgery to repair the knee.
$220,000 on behalf of a woman who suffered a brain injury when a wooden "FOR LEASE" sign fell off a building from two stories above, and struck her on the head while she was walking on the sidewalk.
$225,000 arbitration award for a woman who suffered a broken arm and a broken foot as a result of a head-on collision.
$226,000 arbitration award for a woman who was struck by a car while crossing the street in a crosswalk. Our client suffered a fractured vertebrae in her back. The fracture healed but she continued to have residual back pain when sitting for long periods of time.
$230,000 awarded to a woman who suffered a neck injury with tingling in her arm after her car was rear-ended by a negligent driver.
$250,000 obtained on behalf of a man who was subject to police brutality by the Prince George's County police. Our client was struck on the head four times with a steel baton, causing a brain injury.
$250,000 obtained on behalf of a man who was subject to police brutality by the Prince George's County police. Our client was struck on the head four times with a steel baton, causing a brain injury.
$250,000 verdict for a woman who suffered a knee injury, with surgery recommended but not performed, in a collision involving three vehicles. Liability and the extent of the injury to our client was contested.
$275,000 settlement on behalf of a man who stepped on rusted nail which was allegedly unearthed by a crew installing cable. Our client was diabetic. The rusted nail caused an infection and resulted in the amputation of three toes. The cable crew does not use nails, and denied that their actions unearthed the nail.
$315,000 on behalf of a man who was run over by commercial charter bus and suffered multiple fractures. The driver of the charter bus denied that he struck our client, and none of the passengers on the bus felt an impact.
In excess of $319,000 awarded to a client who had been injured in a collision when another driver attempted to change lanes. Our client experienced a concussion and worsening of a pre-existing sleeping condition and back problem. The case was resolved by binding arbitration, with $319,924 being awarded to our client.
$350,000 settlement on behalf of a woman who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury as a result of a slip and fall. She was entering an elevator and slipped on a marble floor which had residue from elevator polish on the floor.
$350,000 secured on behalf of woman who was the victim of excessive force by a police officer. Our client had been at a DC nightclub when a police officer pushed her down a flight of stairs, causing leg fractures that required several surgeries and resulted in a permanent disability of her left leg.
$395,000 obtained on behalf of a man whose car was struck by a delivery van. Our client suffered a concussion, post-traumatic anxiety, and a lower back injury.
$400,000 settlement secured for clients who were stabbed and / or shot as a result of a fight outside of a DC nightclub. After the nightclub had stopped a holiday event early and forced everyone to leave, fights occurred outside of the club, resulting in our clients being stabbed and/or shot. One client was shot to death. Our firm filed a lawsuit against the nightclub, its owners and managers, the security company, and the event promoters and established that the nightclub should have been aware of risks guests faced.
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