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Blog Posts in February, 2014

  • What Do I Tell My Doctor?

    Posted By CSCS || 17-Feb-2014

    By: Allan M. Siegel When you are injured, whether it is a result of a motor vehicle collision, slipping and falling or similar type of incident, it is important to talk with the doctors who treat you. Here are four important things you should tell your doctor the very first time you see him/her: Tell the doctor the events causing your injuries. Tell the doctor you were in a motor vehicle collision ...
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  • Should I Talk to the Insurance Company?

    Posted By CSCS || 7-Feb-2014

    After a motor vehicle collision, it is very common to have insurance companies contact the people involved—especially if they are injured. This is true if it is your own insurance company or another driver's insurance company. Often the insurance companies will call very shortly after the collision. People involved in motor vehicle collisions often are shaken and upset and injuries only ...
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